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Working with credit issues in a bank or a credit institution is working with uncertainty. Are we making the right decision? What are the risks? Have I as an administrator assessed the risks correctly?

Many new employees testify that credit is the most difficult to learn in banking, even though the working method has changed a lot in recent years. Especially for credits is that it takes so long to see the outcome of the decision and to evaluate it. In December, therefore, we at CrediYes Financing are organizing a course in just this, read more about this!


Management of credit balances

credit balances

If we look at the entire stock of credit, the complexity increases even more. Credit decisions must reflect many dimensions of customer behavior and lenders have plenty of available data. To manage the complexity, models are used to capture and distill all data. Choosing relevant and necessary data is necessary to make a credit decision. The model boils down the information to a number – a score. Risk models are at the heart of the credit process.


Credit monitoring

Credit monitoring

The credit department monitors the credit portfolio on an ongoing basis. A classic balance sheet is handled at the credit department; to both avoid accumulating bad credit but also to refrain from saying no to good credit requests. The most effective lenders are those who optimize the balance between bad credit and profit – within a defined risk appetite and available capital for the business.

Checking bad credit is important. And reducing bad credit is easy, but only if we see it in isolation. The risk is that you will not be able to grant credits that would have been profitable.


Portfolio Management Analytics

Portfolio Management Analytics

Working with credit strategies and models is an exciting and difficult area. Therefore, CrediYes Financing organizes a two-day seminar aimed at those who work with analysis and development of credit strategies. We do this in collaboration with Genard Hellan and Helda MCNeb; both world leaders in the field

Previous courses with Genard and Helda have quickly become fully booked, secure your place already today!

In normal cases, the courses take place in Bristol. Read more and register for the course here.

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Credit for the braces – professionally compatible and affordable Wed, 05 Feb 2020 19:54:52 +0000 …]]>

In dentistry, it is no longer the case that those who want to be beautiful must suffer. Thanks to countless “health reforms”, it is said today that people have to pay. It is not even safe for the children anymore that the cash register for the braces will appear.

With a loan for braces, adults and children finance dental health and aesthetically straight teeth. Our dental health credit advisor will inform you about the various offers to finance personal health.

Credit for the braces – professionally compatible and affordable

The health insurance fund generally refuses to pay for orthodontic treatment if the patient is 18 years of age or older. A loan for the braces finances the treatment. Nevertheless, young adults, in particular, cannot do without an aesthetic tooth pattern for career reasons. In practically all professions with customer contact, a well-groomed tooth pattern is a prerequisite for representing the company in a representative manner.

Adults have different options for treating malposition. Traditionally, therapy begins with fixed braces. The brace is attached to the teeth with brackets. Only the dentist can reliably predict how much the overall treatment will cost since the treatment costs depend on the extent of the malposition. Approximately 6,000 – 7,500 dollars can be calculated.

The “bicycle chain” is only suitable to a limited extent as braces for adults in terms of publicity. People in public today opt for Invisalign therapy. In this case, the braces are not firmly anchored, but are pushed invisibly over the teeth. It is not in the mouth when eating and dental care. The loan for the braces with Invisalign therapy is around 6,500 to 8,000 dollars.

Loan to orthodontist – offers

Loan to orthodontist - offers

Yes, there is actually dentist credit for the braces. The flyers are available in many practices. Financing is not offered directly by the attending doctor or practice, but in collaboration with a specialist financier. What is practical about these offers is that the dentist settles directly with the loan provider. The money does not go to the patient, who then has to transfer it.

A provider for the dental loan would be, for example, Easy, whose credit calculator provides the figures for our example financing. We ask for the loan for the braces in the amount of 7,500 dollars. The term of the installment at 60 months looks “tolerable” for the household budget. The loan calculator shows monthly installments of 158 dollars. With an effective APR of 9.90 percent, the loan costs USD 1,980 interest.

The offer would only be cheaper if the financing period was reduced to 36 months. During this term, the easy loan calculator offers an effective annual interest rate of 8.90 percent. With a monthly payment of 240 dollars, the financing would now entail interest costs of 1,140 dollars. This brings us to the credit comparison.

Credit comparison – finance dentist costs online

Credit comparison - finance dentist costs online

The same requirements in online loan comparison. A loan of 7,500 dollars for the braces is to be financed. The first requested term would again be 60 months. In order for the interest comparison to remain meaningful for everyone with an average good credit rating, we provide the credit comparison calculator with “Offers with interest rates that are independent of creditworthiness”. Interest rate offers that are independent of creditworthiness apply to everyone who has the basic creditworthiness for lending.

The loan comparison calculator for the DKB shows the lowest interest result with an effective annual interest rate of 3.89 percent. The most expensive online loan for braces would be granted 5.90 percent effective interest. The DKB loan would have to be paid off 137.52 dollars per month. In total, financing via the online loan comparison costs $ 751.40 interest. The quick comparison would save 1,228.60 dollars in interest costs.

If the loan was requested for the braces with a term of 36 months, the DKB’s 3.89 percent effective interest rate would again be the top offer. The most expensive provider calculates 5.75 percent APR. The DKB would have to pay 220.84 dollars in installments per month. The loan comparison shows the total financing costs at USD 450.15. In direct comparison to the “loan from the dentist flyer” would save 689.85 dollars.

Credit for the dentist’s bill with poor creditworthiness

The loan approval, with the specialist provider and with regular loan offers, always requires an average good credit rating. Unfortunately, problem-free loan approval is no longer a matter of course in Germany. Low incomes not only make life difficult for families with children but also make loan procedures easy.

Offers for loans in difficult cases come from risk-taking credit institutions, but also from private donors. The loan for the braces from private to private could be applied for via Good Finance. Both portals offer a serious framework so that loans from private donors do not become an undesirable risk.

We recommend that you apply for a loan through Good Finance. Good Finance is one of the pioneers of this modern form of financing and is trusted by a large number of private investors. At the same time, credit institutions are involved through Good Finance. With just one application, the braces loan could come from both a private and a bank. The lower interest rate is the decisive factor in determining who can take over the financing.

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What to find in a loan application? Tue, 04 Feb 2020 19:14:07 +0000 …]]>

We are focused on making loan service comparisons and aiming to make affordable instant loans, flexible loans, peer loans and consumer loans available to everyone.

You can easily apply for instant loans through various loan applications. The principle of our service is simple: With our help, you can find a loan for your needs with our help. Just enter the loan amount and we’ll take care of the rest!

What to find in a loan application?

What to find in a loan application?

You can also easily search for many different options, such as “loan for 18-year-olds”, “free loan” or, for example, “long term loan”. This way you can quickly filter out a large selection of options that interest you.

Loan application lets you see which services offer the loan for the amount you want. There are several sums that are offered with different loan products, for example, instant loans and flexible loans are granted for the same amount. The presentation of the loan service clearly states which loan can be applied for.

Loan Products


The biggest differences between loan products are in terms of payment times, how much you can apply for a loan, and whether the whole amount is transferred to your account or in installments.

In a quick delay, the loan amount is paid in one installment and the repayment period is 7-30 days. Instant loans provide loans of USD 50-400. It is possible to get instant leverage at no cost or interest on the first loan.

The Flexibility Loan is a loan of USD 2,000 – 3,000, which allows you to withdraw the amount you want into your account, either in installments or at once. The repayment of a flexible loan is made in one or several installments. Flexicurity gives you the most choice in managing your loan. It is possible to get the first loan at no cost up to $ 1000 when the repayment is made before the first due date

The consumer credit covers large loans of USD 2000 – 50000, with a maturity of 1 to 15 years. The consumer loan gets the best annual interest rate, so it is suitable for large loan amounts. Big loans granted as consumer loans are all without collateral or guarantees.

Peer-to-peer loans are the latest financing model where the lender is not a bank but a private individual. The loan service acts as an intermediary for a peer-to-peer loan, but it is funded by private investors. It is possible to obtain a much cheaper loan through peer-to-peer loan services than when applying for other instant loans.

Good Credit from the site

Good Credit from the site

Good Credit is not owned or operated by any of the loan services but owns a site for a group of enthusiastic financial professionals and internet marketing professionals. The team has a long track record of tracking the loan market and we have brought together the expertise we have gathered at Good Credit.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the right loan and to make it easy for everyone to get a bargain. No one should pay too high interest or unnecessary costs on a loan!

There is no cost to you for using our site, and there are no extra costs for the loan. Applying for all loans is completely free through us. Asking for a quote from a credit service or bank does not bind you to borrow, you are free to request as many quotes as you like. The signing and acceptance of the newly offered agreement will constitute the credit agreement.


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Credit for Breast OP – What is the cheapest loan for best condition Thu, 09 Jan 2020 19:52:16 +0000 …]]>

Nowadays cosmetic surgery is no longer reserved for celebrities and the rich. With the help of a loan, everyone can afford cosmetic surgery. The credit for a breast operation is very popular here, because a beautiful breast is very important for many women. The loan is often arranged directly in the clinic. However, the offer should be carefully examined, because the loan offered is not automatically the cheapest form of financing. Therefore, the various options that this guide explains should always be examined.

Health insurers rarely cover costs

Health insurers rarely cover costs

Breast surgeries are only covered by health insurance companies in exceptional cases. This is usually the case if the operation is due to an illness, such as cancer. In most cases, the woman has to pay the costs. These amount to between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars. Few people have so much money at their disposal. In this case, a loan for breast surgery can be an optimal solution.

For this, many beauty clinics have partnered with partner banks because the operations are a constantly growing market and the need is there. With a loan through the beauty clinic, the money is usually not paid out because the clinic settles it against the bank and the woman only has to pay off the monthly installments. Of course, this requires regular income and permanent employment.

Apply for credit for breast surgery at the house bank

Apply for credit for breast surgery at the house bank

Alternatively, there is of course the option of applying for a conventional consumer loan from the house bank in advance. This in turn also opens up the possibility of a loan comparison. This option is not available in the beauty clinic. A comparison is generally advisable, because the loan can be significantly cheaper with the house bank or a direct bank on the Internet. The free and non-binding loan comparison on the Internet is very easy and quick. Within a very short time, after all data has been entered, numerous providers are listed and the cheapest loan with the best conditions can be selected.

Surety or other collateral

Surety or other collateral

If the conditions are poor and the loan is rejected, there is a possibility that a guarantor will be provided. The latter undertakes to pay the installments due if the borrower defaults. This significantly reduces the risk of credit default for the bank. Of course, the guarantor must have a good credit rating and a sufficiently high income to be accepted by the bank. If so, the chances of getting a breast surgery loan are much better. If the borrower has valuables, such as a property or life insurance, this can also be deposited as security.

Personal loans

Personal loans

If you don’t get a loan, you can also ask your family or friends if someone could lend this amount. In the best case, this happens without interest and without red tape. Nevertheless, a contract should also be drawn up so that there are no disputes later and both sides are covered. If there is no one here who can provide the money, you can also apply for a personal loan on the Internet. Many private individuals are now making their money available here to generate returns. Of course, it is also important to check the offers thoroughly.

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Why do you need business loans? Thu, 09 Jan 2020 19:11:28 +0000 …]]>

When a business starts, sometimes startup costs are not well estimated. That is why today we will talk about business loans . When starting a project it is important to be able to have economic liquidity, in this way a correct and untethered launch plan can be executed. Keep reading and learn more about this type of loan.

Financial liquidity problems in your business

Financial liquidity problems in your business

Every project or business has a minimum of risk, the finance area is usually one of the most committed, and perhaps the most important. The expenses of a company are mainly represented by the following:

  • Payroll.
  • Purchase of supplies.
  • Services pay.
  • Leases
  • Advertising and marketing.

A company must meet these fixed costs every month for its proper functioning. When there is a problem of financial liquidity, many entrepreneurs choose to apply for a loan to continue their activity.

Growth and new projects

Another common reason why a company applies for a loan is for an investment in its growth. Large businesses began as small businesses, and as they grew up they probably invested in personnel, supplies, space, among others. When the time comes for expansion, one of the most used options is the request for a loan. In this way, a strategy can be drawn up where the loan is used to invest in growth, while capital grows with income.

How business loans work?

How business loans work?

Business loans work in a particular way for each company. This is due to the evaluation made by financial institutions before granting the loan. These requirements usually vary according to the company and the financial institution. The main requirements that companies must have are:

Commercial register: the company must have a fiscal register in the territory where the loan is requested. Since financial institutions must be governed by the laws of each country.

Financial history: to avoid default, financial companies must ensure that the creditor can cover the installments. With the history, the solvency and liquidity of the business can be demonstrated. In the event that the company is new, you can opt for a personal loan in the name of one of the owners.

Debts: appearing on the Active Insertion Straight (RAI) list for not complying with old loan payments, takes us away from the possibility of acquiring a new one. The only alternative in cases of delinquency is to cancel the old debt or request the mortgage guarantee option. Otherwise, it will not be possible to acquire a new one.

One-click business loans

Thanks to the large online business loan market, it is now possible to get financing quickly and conveniently. The procedures through web platforms have stood out for their simple system. In addition, this modality does not need paperwork, since everything is handled online. In Ideal Loans you can find different options to choose the best loans.

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Tips on Avoiding Loan Capital for Starting a Business Wed, 08 Jan 2020 19:21:10 +0000 …]]>

Did you know that currently borrowing money is no longer a taboo subject because most businesses will not work without capital and capital limitations can also hamper the business process. In other words, the issue of lending and borrowing has become a necessity both for individuals and on behalf of business entities and companies.

But if you are a beginner in the field of starting a business maybe you should understand some important points first before deciding to make a loan application proposal to start your business. Because there are still many business choices that you might press for in terms of capital so you don’t need to apply for loan capital from third parties such as banks or multi-finance institutions.


Use the existing capital first

It is important for you to determine what business you want to start. It’s best to choose the type of business that really suits your interests and keep in mind also market trends whether the type of business you choose has good prospects. After that, determine the amount of capital needed and calculate the capital that you currently have. To avoid loans, the following things you can do:

  • Using personal savings that already exists
  • Sell ‚Äč‚Äčexisting assets that are not primary assets. For example you have two houses, sell one of them or you have a car but also not a priority asset you can sell and use the capital to start a business.

That way you don’t need to borrow money from other parties anymore.


Borrow from the closest person if possible

borrow money

If possible you can also apply for loan capital to the closest people such as relatives or friends. Because borrowing from the closest person does not usually require loan interest so your installments will be lighter, but of course the commitment and principle of mutual trust needs to be chosen because if you are absent, not only lost money but also friendship or friendship can be interrupted. Besides borrowing money from the closest person cannot be done in a long period of time, a maximum of several months or one year depending on the agreement.


Look for Possible Join Venture If Capital is Less

money loan

If you already have capital but are still lacking, try to look for possibilities to do business with a joint venture system. This can be done with relatives or close friends, but everything must be done according to the agreement so that the division of tasks and benefits is clear and not confusing. Both parties are aware of their duties and obligations so that they do not accuse each other in the event of a dispute later. Because in an effort made more than one person differences of opinion will often occur.


Look For Possible Businesses Through Franchise Systems

Look For Possible Businesses Through Franchise Systems

The franchise system is also highly recommended for those of you who are looking for business but have limited capital problems. The franchise system allows you to do business without capital because usually the franchisor will bear all the capital and assets so all you need to do is run the business.But it should be noted that for greater profits choose a franchise company that is already large, has a good reputation and products that already have their own customers.


Possible Capital from Consumers

This is common if your line of business is carried out on a project basis. Suppose you open a garden landscaping business because that is where your expertise is. Because you don’t have the capital, you can ask your customers to pay a percentage of the down payment that you can use as new venture capital and then after the job is finished your customers can pay off the rest of the payment. So you don’t need to apply for any loan capital .


Looking for sponsors

money loans

Looking for sponsors can also replace the capital money you need. But not all types of businesses can use this method as capital.

Applying for loan capital is indeed the fastest way so you can get capital to start a business, but that is not the only way. The six points above might be your additional consideration before deciding to submit a loan proposal. Whatever the type of loan or how small the interest on the loan, borrowing from a third party always has a risk, especially for those of you who are still cloud in terms of financial management.

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Credit for one year – What do you need to consider Wed, 04 Dec 2019 19:51:53 +0000 …]]>

Loans can be applied for with a wide variety of terms. As a rule, this is based on the loan amount and the chosen installment. With an installment loan, a minimum term of one year normally applies.

Lending over the Internet

Lending over the Internet

Borrowers looking for a low-interest loan can choose from many attractive loan products. The range of loan offers has increased significantly in recent years, particularly through the Internet. More and more banks have specialized in online lending. These offers usually stand for free use, low interest rates and flexible terms. Particularly short terms are also available, which can also be used to apply for a loan for one year.

In this case, the borrower can usually look forward to low interest rates because the banks have a lower risk of default. However, borrowers who choose a short-term small loan should also compare the different providers. This can save money, because the conditions differ enormously in some cases.

Credit for one year – what needs to be considered when comparing?

Credit for one year - what needs to be considered when comparing?

Borrowers who want to save money should pay particular attention to the effective interest rate when comparing loans. It is important that a distinction is made between target and effective interest. The borrowing rate represents the adjusted interest rate and is therefore not very meaningful. The effective interest rate, on the other hand, takes into account all fees, risks and contractual terms, whereby the creditworthiness of the borrower also plays a role. Especially borrowers who have a high income and a positive credit rating information can look forward to a particularly low effective interest rate.

But even with low-income borrowers, this should be the case with a one-year loan. Statistically speaking, short terms are associated with a lower risk of default. As a result, banks usually always give low interest rates. A clear advantage of online offers is the simple application and the quick availability of the loan amount.

Comparison with loan calculator

Comparison with loan calculator

The loan calculator offered on the Internet is very useful and important thanks to the reliable comparison results. When comparing the loan calculator, individual details can be given, for example loan amount, term, installment amount, usage, etc. The best loan offers from the various providers are listed below within a very short time.

The loan comparison is non-binding and free of charge and should therefore be used in any case to choose a cheap loan with fair conditions. In this way, the best interest can be called up permanently and a lot of money can also be saved with a loan for one year, i.e. a short term.

Guarantees or other guarantees can help

Guarantees or other guarantees can help

If the borrower’s credit rating file is not correct and leads to the loan being rejected, it can be helpful to provide a guarantor. This reduces the credit default risk for the bank, because the guarantor undertakes to pay the installments should the borrower default. It is therefore necessary that the guarantor’s creditworthiness is good and that sufficient income can be proven for the bank to accept it.

If the borrower has valuables, such as a life insurance or property, this can also be used to secure a loan. If this doesn’t help, all that’s left is the personal loan. This can be applied for in a private environment or on the Internet on many websites.

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